Gatineau products are unique for the simple reason that innovation is our highest priority after quality.  We are constantly striving to develop and improve our offerings, while taking new ideas from the leading patisserie cultures across Europe.

Our cakes and pastries can be described as ‘multi-sensory experiences’ and that is central to our philosophy.  We love to put our own twist on more traditional recipes, as well as introducing totally new things, and we go to great lengths to source the most intense flavours and unusual ingredients -  for that little bit of added interest, or as the French might say: “je ne sais quoi!”

Our suppliers are all trustworthy sources for the finest and most authentic ingredients, and we do our best to keep an eye on what’s in season


Client testimonial

“Gatineau without a doubt produces the best patisserie in Oxford. Everything is freshly made and you can taste the difference. Their breakfast quiches are to die for and really quite healthy. Your only problem is deciding which to choose.

Even in Paris I have not had better macarons. The flavours bounce off your tongue as the macaron dissolves combining lightness with a unique understated tang. The only problem with their cakes is that you have to destroy a beautiful work of art in order to enjoy the sublime textures and tastes, but then sometimes you just have to obliterate in order to savour the experience!”

Jaimie Tarrell (Regular local customer)